About Textbook Painting

Posted on: January 10th, 2013 1 Comment

Textbook Painting is The Student Development Company, LLC. Founded in 2006, by Michael Murray and David Marker, to give students hands-on work experience while providing local homeowners a necessary service. While students at Miami University in Oxford, OH, David and Michael ran painting businesses during the summer to help pay for tuition and textbooks. They realized that they were able to offer affordable prices to homeowners while delivering superior quality by only using top quality products and hiring other clean cut, ambitious students who took a lot of pride in their work and aimed to please.

Today, Textbook Painting operates throughout Ohio and Indiana and continues to grow because of the hard-work and determination of our small full-time staff and the over 100 students we hire each summer. Our headquarters is open year round and is located in Lakewood, OH just outside of Cleveland. We specialize in exterior painting but we also do interior painting in the Cleveland area during the Fall and Winter. We take a lot of pride in every project and we work hard to maintain our good name in the community.

Meet Our Team

Michael Murray – President


David Marker – Vice President


Katie Brown – Accounting Intern


Oxford – Mascot



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